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[24 Oct 2004|03:07pm]

Obviously, I haven't posted in regard to a few races lately due to the constraints of time that I have because of school and unfortunately this will continue as exams and work experience week approaches. But I do have enough time to make this public statement about the man I created this community for, Rick Kelly, and his actions during Indy 500, due to some postively mindless comments made on a couple of prominent V8 forums.

Rambling ensues.Collapse )

In other news, this community will be closed for the rest of the season. It will be reopened next year for season '05. Thanks for your support.
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[04 Oct 2004|02:33pm]


New article from Kmart Racing available at the V8 Supercar official webby. Interesting to note that the leading driver pairing (R.Kelly/Murphy) are going to be driving Car #15, which is the Rickmobile, not Murph's Car #51, the exact same car that won them Bathurst last year. That one's going to be driven by the other pair Leahey and Owen. Murph might be 'sharing' #15 instead of the other way around because of Rick's stellar form this season (and the great job he did in qualifying during Sandown, fudget the race) or because yesterday it was also released that there would be new livery as well for the Kmart Commodore. Mighty interesting seeing as that this year's livery has been the type of stuff you either adore or abhor. I myself like it but am keen to see the new one on Wednesday. If only I was at Bathurst. Grrr. :P

Of course, a new paint job ain't going to make them go fast, and despite the fantasticness (put "theasaurus on my Christmas wish list) of last year's result for KRT, they aren't going in with great expectations. I mean, they expect to do well and they're aiming to win, but last year was exactly that - last year. These guys know they've got to put it behind them and concentrate solely on the now.

Kmart Racing also have a new 'paint job' on the site - perhaps to match the new decor on the car? Check it out at http://www.kmartracing.com.au/kmart/. The fellas (Greg and Rick) will also be making a few apperances at some Kmart stores (where else) around the Bathurst area, including the opening of the new Bathurst store (I cannot believe they have survived this long without a Kmart. Kmart is like heaven. Anyway.)

Kmart Bathurst
Bathurst, NSW
Wednesday 6th October (12.30 – 1.30pm)

Kmart Orange
Orange, NSW
Wednesday 6th October (4.00 – 5.00pm)

BBQ with the stars - Bathurst
Kings Parade, Bathurst, NSW
Wednesday 6th October (6.00pm - 7.00pm)

Pilfered professionally from the Kmart Racing website XD So anyone heading up should check one of those places out, or all three. They're going to be busy boys come Wednesday!

So good luck boys!
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[14 Sep 2004|06:30pm]

Alert to all Earthlings. There is a new Kmart Racing article at their site from the Sandown 500, talking about what a 'fighting' weekend it was. (I'd prefer the word 'shemozzling' but it might be beyond the article writers in that vicinity.) Although, mind you, they're getting better gradually, only had to wait a day and a bit for this one to roll off the (theoretical) press. Although I only saw it today. Oh well.

You can check it out from the Offical V8 webby (you know the one, v8supercars.com) right here or just paddle your way over to the Kmart Racing wbesite. I mean, website. Yes. Those things.

In other news, my butt hurts. :/
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Sandown International Raceway - Sunday Results [12 Sep 2004|05:52pm]

I don't suppose the proper word would be that we were 'robbed' today, but it was clear today that the KRT Commodores just don't have the car speed that SBR - namely the dude called Ambrose - have at the moment. Which is all we can blame today's result of Ford 1-2-3 on, because with all the carnage that was going on everywhere else (I like to use the word 'shemozzles') I can't remember Rick or Murph putting a foot wrong in the race, except for when Brighty went beserko (he did that a few times during the race, his car was very tempermental) and nearly took out Murph. And that wasn't our undoing either. Ah well. Car 51 emerged from today's race relatively unscaved (the same can't be said for many other cars including #15, driven by Tim Leahey which retired fairly early on). Here's the results.

1 M.Ambrose/G.Ritter [Ford Falcon BA] - 03:41:03.1307
2 R.Ingall/C.McLean [Ford Falcon BA] - 03:41:06.4386
3 S.Johnson/W.Luff [Ford Falcon BA] - 03:41:08.3104
4 C.McConville/G.Tander [Holden Commodore VY] - 03:41:10.7127
5 R.Kelly/G.Murphy [Holden Commodore VY] - 03:41:10.9670
6 J.Bargwanna/M.Winterbottom [Ford Falcon BA] - 03:41:12.4071
7 J.Bowe/B.Jones [Ford Falcon BA] - 03:41:15.5760
8 P.Dumbrell/T.Longhurst [Holden Commodore VY] - 03:41:15.9465
9 J.Richards/F.Coulthard [Holden Commodore VY] - 03:41:16.2287
10 J.Bright/P.Weel [Holden Commodore VY] - 03:41:19.4062

You may be a'pondering (eek. Where the hell did that come from) what's happening in the points table. Well, it's the same names but a different top two. Devilmeister is now in top spot with Bright Whites Everytime in second position. (I know I'm in a weird state of mind at the moment, and I blame this new RPG game I found - Kingdom of Loathing. Yeah. C'mon!) From there on, we have Richo (see, I can so be normal) with 1397 and Our Rickler nipping on his tail only 24 points behind, and the Pringallmeister only 26 points behind him. (That sounded like a Melbourne Cup call...then again, Sandown used to be a racing track, with the horses instead of the horsepower).

All is tight and cushy up there in preparation for Bathurst and the De-Fence of a title. (De-Fence is right according to my own in-jokes).

So. There's my five cents, go put that towards your superannuation.

(BTW, was that a "This product was not tested on animals or rocket ranges" sticker I saw on a GRM car today or was that my hallucinating again? :S Ahaha. Love it.)
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Sandown International Raceway - Saturday Results [11 Sep 2004|06:30pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Am I a happy little wonderbug tonight?

Oh YEAH. Our Rickler has snapped himself (and Murph) a pole position today in the Top 10 Shootout, after getting a nifty third in Qualifying, which was after a 9th in practice. Well, I never said it couldn't be done. Haha yes. And it was a damn good effort considering the number of pictures of bogged cars I saw on the offical V8 webby today! Now all we have to do is win the damned race, and if the weather and the results we've been getting these past two days is anything to go by, it's not looking too bad. Of course, I'm not saying a damned word till tommorow. But anyway. I'll give you the results and snap out of here before I become cocky, like some Ford fans I know. :P

Third Practice
1 M.Skaife/T.Kelly [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:21.5664
2 Craig Lowndes [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:22.1210
3 P.Morris/A.Gurr [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:22.3226
4 Craig Baird [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:22.3256
5 C.McConville/G.Tander [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:22.8786
6 M.Ambrose/G.Ritter [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:22.9251
7 J.Bright/P.Weel [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:22.9496
8 O.Kelly/D.Brabham [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:22.9682
9 R.Kelly/G.Murphy [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:23.0498
10 M.Larkham/M.Halliday [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:23.2357

1 Paul Morris [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:22.8431
2 Mark Skaife [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:24.0860
3 Rick Kelly [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:24.2157
4 Marcos Ambrose [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:24.4910
5 G.Seton/C.Lowndes [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:24.6484
6 Steven Johnson [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:24.7509
7 Owen Kelly [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:24.7964
8 Jason Bargwanna [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:25.0367
9 Jason Bright [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:25.0423
10 Paul Dumbrell [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:25.1621

Top 10 Shootout
1 Rick Kelly [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:22.1422
2 Marcos Ambrose [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:22.7453
3 Paul Morris [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:22.8858
4 Mark Skaife [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:23.2208
5 Craig Lowndes [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:23.3147
6 Steven Johnson [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:23.8786
7 Jason Bright [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:24.7091
8 Paul Dumbrell [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:25.1486
9 Jason Bargwanna [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:25.3394
10 Owen Kelly [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:25.9627

The most interesting thing I believe to come out of this is that a few weeks back on RPM, Rick said during an interview that for Bathurst, he'd probably leave the qualifying and shootout up to Greg as he's better at that sort of thing. Wonder if they're going to change their minds, seeing as Rickler's done a more than adequate job here at Sandown. Ah well. We'll see.

Bring on tommorow! XD

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Sandown International Raceway - Friday Results [10 Sep 2004|04:48pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Rick Kelly just keeps on showing them. (It's the best way of proving someone wrong, that's for sure XD) After a disapointing weekend at Oran Park, Rickler and Murph did well to finish 12 in first practice, and Rick put on a sterling display to hold off Brad Jones and Greg Ritter (among a sea of Blue, for the Fords are doing well so far this weekend)for first place during second practice. It's only early days but lets hope that KRT can hold on during tommorows Practice, Qualifying and Top 10 Shootout to get some good positioning for Sunday!

1 M.Ambrose/G.Ritter [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:10.6006
2 R.Ingall/C.McLean [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:10.7953
3 David Besnard [Ford Falcon BA]- 1:11.0219
4 S.Ellery/L.Youlden [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:11.0662
5 J.Bowe/B.Jones [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:11.1792
6 M.Skaife/T.Kelly [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:11.3120
7 Paul Morris [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:11.4352
8 Jason Bright [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:11.6256
9 Simon Wills [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:11.6875
10 S.Johnson/W.Luff [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:11.7339

12 R.Kelly/G.Murphy [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:11.8372

1 Rick Kelly [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:11.6115
2 Brad Jones [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:11.7694
3 Greg Ritter [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:11.8317
4 Luke Youlden [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:12.0432
5 Max Wilson [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:12.0847
6 Cameron McConville [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:12.0863
7 Paul Stokell [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:12.2574
8 Todd Kelly [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:12.2865
9 Glenn Seton [Ford Falcon BA] - 1:12.3592
10 Will Davison [Holden Commodore VY] - 1:12.4210

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Oran Park - Race 2 results [15 Aug 2004|06:34pm]

Kmart Racing had a pretty average day today, with Rick Kelly falling sick over night. But although a disaster relegated him to 30th in the first race, one lap down, he managed to salvage some points with a very gusty 9th in the second race.

Rickler manages to stay within a stone's throw of the leaders in the Championship table, now forth on 1197 points, ahead of Ingall and behind Richards (that's Steven), Ambrose and Bright. Coming up are the big endurance races - Sandown and Bathurst, with Rick and Greg Murphy defending their Bathurst crown.

1 Marcos Ambrose, Ford Falcon BA - 01:04:39.5906
2 Mark Skaife, Holden Commodore VY - 01:04:43.9622
3 Jason Bright, Holden Commodore VY - 01:05:06.7731
4 Russell Ingall, Ford Falcon BA - 01:05:12.3330
5 Paul Weel, Holden Commodore VY - 01:05:14.8564
6 Simon Wills, Holden Commodore VY - 01:05:18.9040
7 Todd Kelly, Holden Commodore VY - 01:05:22.8737
8 Jason Richards, Holden Commodore VY - 01:05:23.4263
9 Rick Kelly, Holden Commodore VY - 01:05:33.6495
10 Paul Morris, Holden Commodore VY - 01:05:38.7786
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Oran Park Raceway - Friday Practice Results [13 Aug 2004|06:49pm]

Twas a good day for Kmart Racing, with Our Rick rolling in 5th and Our Murph coming in 7th at Practice today. That means Rick was the highest place 'Series Contender' (damn I love those words!) today, just before Steven Richards, a few places ahead of Ambrose in 11th (and poor Brighty didn't even get a run), because it was a case of the small-budget teams proving once again they can be forces to be reckoned with. Good on 'em! It was a Holden-dominated leading pack with only two Fords (those of John Bowe and Craig Lowndes) in the first 10 cars. Full top 10 results are below.

1 Paul Morris Holden Commodore VY 1:09.2659
2 Simon Wills Holden Commodore VY 1:09.4683
3 Jason Richards Holden Commodore VY 1:09.5425
4 Mark Skaife Holden Commodore VY 1:09.6899
5 Rick Kelly Holden Commodore VY 1:09.7798
6 Steven Richards Holden Commodore VY 1:09.8889
7 Greg Murphy Holden Commodore VY 1:09.9230
8 John Bowe Ford Falcon BA 1:09.9686
9 Craig Lowndes Ford Falcon BA 1:09.9867
10 Cameron McConville Holden Commodore VY 1:10.0618

(PS. Me is going to a concert tommorows and I'll be there for most of the day, so don't except any updates for the two practice sessions and qualifying as well as the Top 10 Shootout. I'm sorry for the inconvience but you can just pop-over to V8supercars.com and check all the action there.)
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[10 Aug 2004|05:29pm]

[ mood | happy ]

It's times like these when I'm amazed by Rick Kelly's maturity. No looking back now to that round at Winton (you all know what I'm referring to). It's all moving forward to Oran Park, and the Kmart Team expect to do well here with the new format of two 140km races with compulsory tyre stops. Read more in the most recent press release from the Kmart Racing team right here XD

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[28 Jul 2004|09:27pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

Dust off the history books! TWO ARTICLES FROM KMART RACING IN ONE DAY!

Sorry for my exaggeration. I know they've done it before, but they haven't updated for so long that it's mental. XP

Also, I found an article about Our Rick on the official V8 webby. Sweet.

Click the links below to investigate each one at your own pace.

Rick Kelly: A V8 Supercar champion in the making

Owen and Leahey to join Kmart Racing regulars for V8 Supercar endurance races

So it's Greg/Rick in one car and Steve/Tim in the other. Sweet.

Why the hell am I saying sweet?

Sweet. XD

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[28 Sep 2004|11:22am]

Finally, the Kmart Racing website people have updated with an article about the 'wild and wooly race at Winton', albeit three days late. Still, you can visit the article here or go to the official Kmart Racing website.
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Winton Motor Raceway - Race 1 Results [25 Jul 2004|05:28pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Big action at Winton today. InSANe. Hope you saw it coz I'm not up to commenting on it, quite frankly. Let's just say that these damn flags are the wrong colour. And not big enough. And do not have funny phrases like "Anger the French: Make Tacos" on them...

Moving on. Top 10 results for Winton, puhlease -is passed envelope-

1. Cameron McConville - 02:34:18.5237
2. Rick Kelly - 02:34:18.7435
3. Jason Bright - 02:34:18.9935
4. Russell Ingall - 02:34:20.5513
5. Greg Murphy - 02:34:24.6302
6. Steve Ellery - 02:34:25.0609
7. Todd Kelly - 02:34:25.2460
8. Paul Morris - 02:34:29.9863
9. Garth Tander - 02:34:30.8221
10. Glenn Seton - 02:34:31.3188

Which leaves the Top 5 on the championship table looking a little like this...

1. Jason Bright - 1131
2. Steven Richards - 1126
3. Rick Kelly - 1116
4. Marcos Ambrose - 1106
5. Russell Ingall - 982

If you didn't see it, you have absolutely NO idea. :S

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Winton Motor Raceway - All Results [24 Jul 2004|05:21pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

It was a lovely wet day at Winton today...Rick came first in the second practice session (breaking a lap record in the process) and second in the third (thence losing the record to Skaifey...see results below if you're confused XD) but dropped to 25th in Qualifying. Because, let's face it, not many people enjoy qualifying. XD

Mind you, no excuses for tommorow! Move over Ned, there's a new Kelly in town....;-)

Results from Winton's Saturday sessionsCollapse )

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Winton Motor Raceway - Friday Practice Results [23 Jul 2004|05:42pm]

1. Mark Skaife, Holden Racing Team
2. Marcos Ambrose, Pirtek Racing
3. Greg Murphy, Kmart Racing Team
4. Russell Ingall, Caltex Havoline Race Team
5. Todd Kelly, Holden Racing Team
6. Jason Bright, PWR Performance Products
7. Steven Richards, Castrol Perkins Motorsport
8. Brad Jones, OzEmail Racing Team
9. Paul Weel, PWR Performance Products
10. Paul Morris, Sirromet - Life Style Wine

21. Rick Kelly, Kmart Racing Team

Le damn. But look at all those Commodores in the top 10. <3
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[22 Jul 2004|10:16pm]

Since Winton's soon, and Kmart's site is dead to the world at present (or since Barbagallo), I stole this snippet written by Rick Kely previewing Winton from the HSV Racing site.

Winton Preview by the RicklerCollapse )
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[08 Jul 2004|10:23pm]


Ambrose points reinstated, therefore what I said before I posted what I said the entry before last stands as correct, which is -

1. Ambrose
2. S. Richards
3. Bright
4. R. Kelly (dangit)
5. Murphy
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[07 Jul 2004|10:22pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]


Tis the Rick Kelly fanlisting. APPROVED TOO XD

I is so proud. -is proud-

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[05 Jul 2004|03:10pm]

Your attention please! Once again I stand corrected...Marcos Ambrose's points for this round have been docked due to a 'technical breach', har har har har. Not only did he lose 192 points, he was fined 10 grand, which hurts, but he won 5 grand for pole, didn't he? That's half paid off...XP See this article for more info. As you can see, SBR are appealing the decision. The hearing will be on Thursday.

So forget everything I said last night. Can't blame me though, they didn't have the articles up when I was at the site -_- The Championship Table looks a lot more like this...

1 Steven Richards, 1006 pts
2 Jason Bright, 951 pts
3 Rick Kelly, 930 pts
4 Marcos Ambrose, 872 pts
5 Greg Murphy, 811 pts

Y.E.S!!!! The V8 Gods smile upon Rickler. <3333333
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Race 1 - Queensland Raceway [04 Jul 2004|09:07pm]

[ mood | sore ]

Go see the offical V8 webby for all the info on today's race, because quite frankly I'm buggered and gave up on writing a race report for today less than halfway through the race. Besides, being the devoted race fans we are, we should have all watched the telecast XP

Rick finished 16th today with a time of 02:01:59.9213, which leaves him 4rd on the Championship table with 930 points, behind Marcos Ambrose with 1064 points, Steven Richards with 1006 points and Jason Bright with 951 points. (According to V8Supercars.com, Rick is third and Ambrose is forth. I wish that was correct. But it's not. So don't listen to them, listen to good ol' Mel...hehee. I've been waiting to say that for five years XD)

Because the good people who run the Kmart Racing website always post their post-race articles three days after everyone else (they must run on "Mel" time XD), I'll keep my eyes peeled for that, and bring it to you at first notice. Other than that, I have nothing more to say. G'night.

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Practice/Qualifying/Top 10 Shootout Results - Queensland 300 [03 Jul 2004|06:20pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Rickler managed 23rd today in Practice with a time of 1:11.5329, and dropped a position to Kmart Racing stablemate Greg Murphy with a time of 1:11.1354 in Qualifying. So our dear Ricko is starting fairly way back in the grid. But (and there is always a 'but') it IS a long race and anything could happen. Hopefully good things for the Kmart boys. But yes. Here's hoping for tommorow. -crosses fingers-

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